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About Nova Interaction Agency

We are a Marketing Outsourcing organisation geared for foreign markets.
We are a small team of creative geeks with the ability to manage brands and push the limits of Small and medium organisations, using online and connected bespoke tools and applications. Our aim is to bring change and innovation to enable organisations in this global village with a solid marketing strategy, a powerful brand and an e-business culture and incredible savings of proven 25% to 50% of your running expenses. Get in touch with us today!
We believe that design coupled with technology can make a difference for small businesses
Small businesses do not have to grow in size to be more successful than large organisations. As a small business, you may better contain your costs and be more reactive to promote your product on the market. Today growth rythmes with digital and international solutions .
Nova interaction guides you to build a consistent brand making use of online applications, systems and platforms to contain your costs and track your ROI.
We draft a big picture yet focus on every single pixel
Building a brand equity is a long and tough process where every single action counts to ensure that the message remains consistent.
Public perception of your brand is paramount.
Nova interaction is dedicated to position your brand to your audience.
We are experienced professionals with a startup spirit
Nova interaction provides a dedicated team of professionals with experience in their respective fields (Strategy, design, implementation, administration).
All members of the team have an intersecting skillset; Brand builders. This task is today empahasised with Internet technologies and interactive medias.
Improving continously is our journey, recognitions are our driving power.
Internet medias is a fast evolving sector and our clients deserve to get the best. At Nova Interaction we strive at providing them the most innovative and
up-to-date trends and technology and when the work produced is recognised as a quality standard by awarded bodies, we tend to go push our limits and those of the connected medias.
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  • Marketing Strategy
    See MoreThinking ahead towards set objectives and defining the path to attend these targets is the first and foremost analysis for your business.
  • Digital Marketing
    See More Making use of the most affluent channels to communicate to your audience and get measured information to evaluate its effectiveness and build upon results.
  • Branding
    See MorePerception is the most important asset in buiding trust with customers. It remains a fragile link that requires a unique positioning and consistent messaging.
  • Digital Development
    See MoreInteraction and motion graphics are the tools to provide a dynamic and impactful visibility to the content and requires technical development to achieve this.
  • Performance & Analytics
    See MoreWhat can be measured can be improved. Nowadays many tools can provide you insights and reports on your performance on various connected medias.
  • Systems & Platforms
    See MoreOperations and Marketing should be very connected to improve the user experience with the brand. Making use of connected systems and platforms helps simplify and add value to your business.

Outsourcing facts

An outsourcing survey has been carried out on the UK market with organisations and below are a few figures that strikes and support the trends of outsourcing.

Currently Outsource
Organisations focus more time on their core and reduce on their support activities or where they need more expertise.
Marketing outsourcing ratio
Marketing management internally towards outsourcing is at a ratio of 5 managed internally to 1 outsourced.
Outsource Advertising
Added Value tasks in advertising are mostly outsourced.
Internet related outsourcing
Internet related like emarketing, apps, website are mostly outsource due to expertise needed.


Our approach to create value is specific and aim at helping organisations grow their brand equity in this digital era.

The focus at the discovery stage is about the context of the organisation, it's environment, it's targetted audience and the set objectives.
We Interact much at this stage to define a concised strategic marketing communication plan with a clear timeline.
  • Gathering information
  • Context Analysis
  • Objective Setting
  • Strategic Plan
  • Action Plan
  • Control methods
In the creation stage, we draft, design, code, animate, edit, cut, and build the image that ties up to the strategy defined to reach the set objectives.
We Inspire and provide all along sets of recommendations to shape the brand profile for specific audiences.
  • Brand Book
  • Digital Artworks
  • Interactive spaces
  • Social Communities
  • Animation and Sound
  • Advertising
In the deployment stage, we optimise, configure, administrate, manage and maintain your online visibility to ensure that your brand is live.
We look at Innovative and trendy ways to ensure that your message is delivered to your audience in the most effective way.
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Market places
  • Online advertising
In the Monitoring stage, we control, analyse, evaluate and report on the performance of your brand in the online space to adjust and refine the strategies.
We provide the digital edge compared to traditional marketing since strategies and actions may evolve with response received.
  • Customer engagement
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Visits and Clicks
  • Likes Shares Tweets
  • Conversion rate
  • Success rate


Marketing outsourcing

Outsourcing has emerged as popular and widely adopted business strategies of this globalized era.
Outsourcing is the term that defines the contracting out of internal business process to a fully owned subsidiary popularly referred to as “captive” or third-party vendor organization. Let's have a look to Marketing outsourcing

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